Our Culture

We live by a few key values that guide our decisions and keep us true to ourselves...

Making Dreams Happen

We are not just selling products we are making dreams happen. The passion we have for our products is shared by our customers. We listen to our customers; we understand who they are and how our products connect them to their lifestyle.

Always Be Yourself

We believe that staying true to who we are is the foundation for our success. Our interactions with each other, our communities and our customers must be genuine and authentic.

Be Creative

We embrace an entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking in every aspect of our business. This means each of us thrives on generating original ideas and perspectives; we encourage people who think outside the box, live out loud, grow and are original.

Connect to Your Community

We are a community, and we are dedicated to building that community with each employee in every location. We are strengthened through our connection to skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, fashion, music and art and actively support events and programs that promote our culture and active lifestyle.

Do the Right Thing

We treat others with dignity and respect. We strive to keep true and do what we say we will do

Achieve More with Less

We continually strive to find creative ways to do things better, control our costs, prevent losses and increase profitability.

And that’s our story, check out each one of our stores to find out if there is a store that fits your lifestyle.