Tips to Get a Job

5 Frequently Asked Resume Questions – Answered Honestly

1. What can I put on my resume if I don’t have much experience?

For starters, don’t overlook the skills you’ve gained from being in school. You’ve surely gained valuable job experience from:

  • The Lifestyle you live
  • Team Work: Sports Teams, School Teams
  • Tutoring
  • Your constant computer and internet use
  • Extracurricular activities... even babysitting counts!

2. What contact information should include on my resume?

Remember that you want to include some way for the employer to contact you... if you don’t feel comfortable listing your address you don’t have to... but be sure to include at least a phone number or email address that you regularly check as your contact info.

3. Should my resume be one page or two?

There is no right or wrong answer here... remember Employers are interested in ALL your skills, whether or not you were paid doesn’t really matter to them. So include your “free” work and your volunteer experience if they’ve given you bragging rights! A resume is a summary of your accomplishments!

4. What order should I list my experience in?

Chronological... List your most recent experience first and work back.

5. Is my computer’s spell check program enough?

NO!!! Give your resume to family, friends and teachers before you submit. Your resume is your first impression; you don’t want to miss out on a job because your computer can’t decide whether to use “their” or “they’re”!!!

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