Where Passion Works

It has been said that passion is necessary to life, and to the life of our company West 49 Inc., that hold true to the core. Whether you love Grinding Rails, Shredding Fresh Pow, Carving Epic Waves, or Fashion Spotting for the Hottest Trends, it's the PASSION for the LIFESTYLE that draws people to our company.

Where Passion Works is not just the name of our website….it's who and what we are.

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Here you can learn about who we are, where we came from, and what’s most important to our West 49 Inc. Family... PASSION. PEOPLE. PRODUCT
Getting paid to share your PASSION is one of the sweetest jobs you’ll ever have... imagine going into work each day talking and teaching about the lifestyle you LOVE to live... nothing is better than that!
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This section is all about helping you get a job! Writing a resume and being interviewed can be tricky so we wanted to make sure you had some tips to make you stand out above the rest!